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Legal Laws Fundamental Principles

Do you trust the justice system? How suitable is it anyway? In criminal law, justice depends on capability of criminal lawyers to stand for their clientele in court. A legal court is a battlefield of sensibilities and verbal effectiveness between lawyers who do not want defeat and who will continue to strengthen highly regarded reputations. […]

Oil and Gas Law

The oil and gas industry is booming in the United States. This means that there is a greater need for oil and gas lawyers. Oil and gas lawyers secure contracts with private owners, state and local authorities, businesses¬†and drilling companies to ensure that ethical drilling is being followed. For example, oil rights extend downward and […]

President Obama Gives Speech on Immigration Reform

This video is a few months old, but here is President Obama giving a speech on immigration reform, which is a touchy subject in US politics. Video by Les Grossman Best of YouTube – News & Politics on YouTube. We found a great blog that explains immigration reform, options for immigrants, and what can happen […]